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Who We Are

Green Technologies is a successful Engineering Consultancy Company specializing in Environmentally Sustainable solutions, for new and existing building projects, in Air Conditioning, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Engineering in the Middle Eastern Region.

Our Engineers have worked in Dubai, UAE since 1977 developing leading edge Engineering techniques and Sustainable approaches to solve today’s complex MEP needs. Our dynamic team lead by Mario Seneviratne can assist with the Concept, Design, Construction and Maintenance to the highest standards in Green Engineering. Mario has been a pioneer in the field of sustainable engineering and has accomplished many projects that are showcased in the website. We offer modern, efficient, cost effective solutions to your complex MEP issues. For more information, please visit our MEP Engineering Page and LEED and Sustainability page.

In addition to MEP Engineering and Sustainability Consulting, we channel this expertise into the field of educating design and construction professionals on LEED, Sustainability and MEP Engineering. Green Technologies delivers accredited Faculty led LEED workshops. The workshops focus on awareness, understanding and implementing levels of LEED Rating systems and Engineering. We have delivered hundreds of educational workshops focused on project based LEED and MEP to more than 2500 professionals. For more information on our workshops, please visit our Knowledge Centre.

Green Technologies has achieved international accreditation in:



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