C-level Education – Well Received

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C-level Education – Well Received

Green Technologies has developed a high level workshop for Chief Executives of organizations looking to enhance sustainability within their operations. In doing so, Green Technologies has also taken into account that most C-level executives are time constrained, and has thus tailor made this course to fit their busy schedules. The course is therefore, aptly entitled ‘All About Sustainability in 3 Hours.’
The workshop provided strategies and supporting objectives on making the operation process of an office more sustainable. The Learning points of the workshop are noted below.
ESTABLISH the objective of the company’s environmental responsibilities.
INCREASE efficiency – Reduce Waste and Improve Processes.
IDENTIFY metrics associated with same.
CREATE a continuous development and monitoring program.
The next such event will be held on 15th April 2015. For more information, please write to us at tanvi@greentechno.ae or view the flyer online.

Quote from a participating delegate

“The C-Level workshop was a great opportunity to network with peers and share best practice, as well as to learn, from a highly experienced facilitator, how sustainability practices can be integrated into every business from top to bottom and the benefits this brings. An inspirational session.”
– Nathan Waugh
Portfolio Director

On behalf of dmg :: events, organizers of the Big 5 International Building & Construction Show, Portfolio Director Nathan Waugh took part in the C-level Education workshop, All About Sustainability in 3 hours, which took place on 17th February 2015. The session was conducted at the World Trade Club, 33rd floor of the Dubai World Trade Center, UAE.
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