Customer Technical Centre – 3M Gulf Middle East-Africa Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Customer Technical Centre – 3M Gulf Middle East-Africa Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Customer Technical Centre – 3M Gulf Middle East-Africa Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Customer Technical Centre of the 3M Gulf Middle East-Africa is a fit out development spanning an interior space area of about 16,732 Sq. Ft.

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Project Team:

Client: 3M Gulf Limited
Project Managers: Summertown Interiors
Interior Design Consultant: Summertown Interiors
MEP Consultant: Summertown Interiors
LEED ® Consultant: Green Technologies FZCO



Post the Initial LEED Review, Green Technologies facilitated the LEED Process for the Customer Technical Centre – 3M Gulf Middle East-Africa fit out development, conducting a series of workshops with the Project Team and integrating the specific LEED requirements into the Design and Execution of the development. As a result of the documentation of these efforts and its review by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the Project has now been declared as LEED Silver certified (as of the 2nd of June 2011) by the USGBC, under the LEED 2009 for Commercial Interiors rating system.
The Project records extensive resource conservation measures gaining more than 42.5% Lighting Energy savings and more than 31% savings on Water. In addition to this, the Project has also been able to make use of Recycled Content for more than 24% and Regional Materials of 60.41% of its materials requirement. The adoption of Green Housekeeping and Green Education policies, are also highlights of the Project’s LEED Certification.

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Sustainability Highlights of the Project;

  • Energy efficient, eco-friendly, recycled materials selection.
  • Minimization of impact on environment associated with tenant changes by long-term lease.
  • Segregation and recycling of waste during operations.
  • Recycling and diversion of 90% construction waste from landfill.
  • Usage of energy efficient ‘T5’ lamps, thereby saving 42.5% energy on lighting above ASHRAE 90.1 of 2007.
  • Daylight and views for 93% of spaces.
  • Usage of 100% Energy Star rated office equipment/appliances only.
  • ‘No Smoking’ Policy.
  • Use of zero VOC adhesives.
  • Use of low VOC paints.
  • Usage of CRI certified carpet systems.
  • Use of Rapidly Renewable materials.
  • 100% covered car parking.
  • Close proximity (within ¼ mile) to public bus lines.
  • Close proximity (within ½ mile) of community services.

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