SUMMERTOWN INTERIORS, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

SUMMERTOWN INTERIORS, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


SUMMERTOWN INTERIORS, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Summertown Interiors, a UAE-based company with offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, has always been pro-active when it comes to reducing its carbon foot print, commonly referred to as GHG emissions reduction. True to their commitment to reduction, Summertown Interiors became the first interior design and turnkey fit-out contractor in the UAE to develop and occupy a LEED Gold certified interiors for their corporate headquarters at Jebel Ali Freezone, Dubai, UAE.

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Project Team:

Project Address: Dubai, UAE
Sustainability Consultant: Green Technologies FZCO


Project Features:

  • Analysis of Input Data on GHG Emissions,  Target Boundary and Benchmarking
  • Tracking and Monitoring Format
  • Integrated Action Plan on GHG Reduction

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Globally, reporting of GHG emissions and action thereof to reduce same has become the trend in developed economies. This has even been mandated by law in most developing economies and thus, this will soon filter down to developing countries in the years to follow. In addition the environmental and economic benefits that are realised by implementing an effective GHG emissions reduction program provide additional incentives to pursue such a program. In this regard, Summertown Interiors has engaged the services of Sustainability Consultants, Green Technologies (GT) for implementing a GHG emission reduction program for their operations and for reporting GHG. This GHG Emission Reduction Program demonstrates leadership in the area of Sustainability as well as improve Summertown Interiors’ overall operating efficiency.
As a follow on to their Carbon Reduction Program, Summertown appointed Green Technologies as LEED Consultants for pursuing LEED certification under the LEED for Existing Building Operations and Maintenance Rating System.

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