Jotun Paints, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jotun Paints, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Jotun Paints, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Energy Modeling – Jotashield Thermo Paint

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Jotun Paints, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Project Team:

Client: Jotun Paints
Energy Modelers: Green Technologies FZCO



As a requirement of Jotun Paints’ research and development in creating and improving their paint selection, Jotun Paints appointed Green Technologies as its sustainability consultant to conduct a study to validate their claim that the Jotashield Thermo Paint provides energy savings on the cooling and heating of a building. The validation was achieved via energy modeling of buildings, which are coated with this paint product.

The modeling was carried out with the aid of the energy simulation computer program VisualDOE and the cooling and heating load calculation program CARRIER HAP (Hourly Analysis Program).

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The energy analysis indicates that the buildings, of which the walls were coated with the Jotashield Thermo Paints, consumed less energy than the buildings of which the walls were constructed to Dubai Municipality standards and were not coated with the mentioned paints.

Jotun Paints Middle East develops different types of paints for building construction purposes. One of those paints is Jotashield Thermo Paint that has been already tested to identify how it can contribute to energy reduction of a building especially in those which have a greater percentage of wall area in comparison to their window area.

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