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We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors—we borrow it from our children.


Native American Chief Seattle

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our mission statement at Green Technologies is to implement sustainable solutions in buildings and in the lives of people that use them. Therefore it is all but right that we take our sustainability responsibilities beyond the boundary of our revenue stream and devote some of our resources for the community at large.
Our staff has been keen to explore that philosophy in their own lives and communities as diverse as Sri Lanka, India and the Philippines. We give back to our communities by volunteering our time and resources to make life more sustainable to those in rural communities that need to conserve, reuse and recycle their limited resources the most. GT has been practicing corporate social responsibility since its inception, and we continue to support our diverse communities through this date. Some of our projects include:

  • Building a small library for children in a rural area in Sri Lanka.
  • Support for the 2004 tsunami affected areas of South Asia
  • Session on Clean and Green World – Philippines
  • Session on Clean and Green World – India
  • Distant Learning Center for children in rural area in Sri Lanka.
  • Conducting Energy and Water saving program in Sri Lanka – Green Apple Day.


All those interested in joining our efforts could write to