Green Technologies Embarks on the LEED Volume Program

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Green Technologies Embarks on the LEED Volume Program

Green Technologies partners with Amana Construction to deliver the LEED Volume Program (LVP).

The LEED Volume Program was designed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to meet industry needs for a streamlined approach to certifying like buildings and spaces. For more information on the LEED Volume Program, please click here.

Amana Concrete Modular Construction delivers commercial and environmental benefits to clients and society at large through the application of modern techniques that gives the modular units superiority in quality, sustainability and de-constructability. For more information on the Amana Concrete Modular Construction, please click here.

Green Technologies, a pioneer in sustainable engineering for over 15 years, with its extensive knowledge of the Middle East Construction sector developed in over 35 years, has brought together the LEED Volume Program’s certification and Amana Concrete Modular Construction, to deliver a high end sustainable affordable building. For more information on Green Technologies’ sustainability expertise, please click here.

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