Al Haram Grand Mosque, Mecca, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Al Haram Grand Mosque, Mecca, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia


Al Haram Grand Mosque, Mecca, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Mecca is home to the largest mosque in the world. The Al-Haram Mosque, also known as the Grand Mosque, is considered the most sacred place on earth in the Islamic religion and attracts millions of pilgrims every year. The number of pilgrims visiting the grand mosque each year keeps increasing.

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Project Team:

Client: Saudi Bin Ladin Group
Consultants: Dar Al Handasah (Shair and Partners) Perkins + Will
Sustainability Consultant: Green Technologies FZCO in Associate with Perkins + Will and Integral Group 


Project Features:

Implementable Sustainable Strategies

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It has been proposed to expand the mosque to accommodate this growth of pilgrims every year. As the new development’s goal is to increase the capacity of the mosque in order to facilitate healthy and comfortable conditions for more pilgrims that seek the same experience gained from the current development, it is necessary that the project team focuses their attention on solutions that minimize The Ecological Footprint that will be created by the estimated dense population, and steps taken to overcome the extreme climate and limited water resources of the location.

As pioneers in LEED Green Buildings, Green Technologies is part of the consortium of engineers on the project, providing guidance on the project specific sustainable strategies that are practical and applicable. The sustainability principles pursued on this project are as follows;

  • Adopt Day Lighting – Target 2% for 75% of Occupied Areas
  • Lower Lighting Power Density – Target 1.9 Watts/SQ.FT.
  • Recover Cooling Energy – Target 25% or more of Supply Air
  • High COP Chilled Water Plant – Target for Chillers 0.6 kW/Ton)
  • Incorporate Renewable Energy – 15%  Renewable
  • Reduce Fresh Air – Target 10 CFM/Person
  • Reduce Air Flow – Target 2.5 CFM/SQ.FT.



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