The Kandalama Hotel Dambulla, Srilanka

The Kandalama Hotel Dambulla, Srilanka


The Kandalama Hotel Dambulla, Srilanka

The Kandalama Hotel is be constructed in the historic cultural triangle’s heartland, flanked by two world heritage sites, an area of tremendous cultural and historical importance, “The Project Team had to preserve the environment above anything else,” says Mario Seneviratne, LEED ® Consultant.
The Kandalama Hotel is the First Building Outside the U.S.A. to receive LEED certifiation.

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Project Team:

Client: Aitken Spence Hotels, Ltd
Architects: Geoffrey Bawa
LEED ® Consultant: Green Technologies FZCO



This 253,000-sq.-ft. hotel was built on stilts to maintain the natural rainwater flow, landscaping was restored up to the column footings, and 80 percent of the roofs are planted with indigenous horticulture. The building was planned around the backdrop of a rock formation to provide a degree of passive cooling, which reduced the overall cooling load, a major factor in meeting the ASHRAE 90.1 – 1989 energy goal.
All water is recycled and re-used. Water comes from deep wells on the site is treated, and then circulated to the building. Effluent passes through two treatment plants and then used for landscaping. Surplus water is returned to the aquifer.
The buildings total water and sewer needs are met from resources on site, with no connections to the utility.

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