LEED v4 Integrative Process

LEED v4 Integrative Process

LEED v4 Integrative Process

LEED Integrative Process

Course Summary:

Gain essential knowledge of Integrative Design and the LEED Certification Process, through real examples and Case Studies.

Course Outline:

The workshop provides essential knowledge of green building concepts that are fundamental to the LEED Rating Systems. It explains the goals and structure of the LEED Rating system. You will be engaged in discussing the LEED certification process, also touching on LEED online with sample credit forms, and scorecards.

You will go on to learn about the integrative approach to green building, including a case study on Integrative Design. This workshop also describes the Minimum Program Requirements, which are the minimum characteristics or conditions that make a project appropriate to pursue LEED certification. Interactive activities and specific examples within the course keep you engaged and reinforce what you’ve learned.


Identify Key Green Building Concepts
Explain the Goals and Structure of the LEED V4 Rating Systems
Discuss the Overall LEED Certification Process
Learn about LEED Integrative Design Process with Case Study
Describe the Minimum Program Requirements

2 CE Hours

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